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Apr 20

Prince of Persia creator finds lost source code, cues delicate chip fanfare -- Engadget Alt

Mar 19

Bruce Springsteen's Inspiring Talk On Creativity and Music Is a Must Watch -

This is supposed to be a good keynote by Bruce from SXSW

Mar 04

How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs - WITHOUT a Nonstick Pan! -

Decent tips for cooking eggs without them sticking. Key points: hot pan (medium heat) with barely warm oil.

Wonklife: The cost of not controlling health-care costs -

RAND Health researchers combined data from multiple sources to depict the effects of rising health care costs on a median-income married couple with two children covered by employer-sponsored insurance. The analysis compared the family’s health care cost burden in 1999 with that incurred in…


Grim Fandango - made it to Year Three, furthest progress

Grim Fandango - made it to Year Three, furthest progress

Feb 29

Digital Photo Editing Workflow -

From the best site for entry level digital photography tutorials. This one a particularly good one for stepping through what I can do with Aperture after importing photos.

Useful Bookmarklets for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Browser -

Here’s a comprehensive list of useful bookmarklets that you can easily add to the mobile Safari browser of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With bookmarklets, you can translate web pages, make them more readable, find word meanings and more.

(via This is the most accurate (and funny) map of New Jersey ever)

(via This is the most accurate (and funny) map of New Jersey ever)

(via NASA - Eastern Seaboard at Night)

(via NASA - Eastern Seaboard at Night)

Feb 27

11 Daredevil Stunts That Pushed Human Limits - Mental Floss -

An Austrian daredevil named Felix Baumgartner plans to break the world record for highest skydive in August. After taking an air balloon to 120,000 feet, he’ll step out of his helium cocoon at the edge of space and break the sound barrier on his way back to earth.

Sound exciting? It’s already been done. Here’s a list of eleven impossible stunts pulled off by very real human beings.